[plug] DNS Server configuration

Alexander Hartner alex at j2anywhere.com
Fri Jun 22 14:56:22 WST 2012

Hi all,

I configured my primary DNS server to host a particular record:

zone "mydomain.com" IN {                                                                                        
        type master;                                                                                                     
        file "mydomain.com";                                                                                    
        allow-update { none; };                                                                                          

$TTL 4h
@     IN  SOA mydomain.com. alex. mydomain.com. (
        201206213; serial, todays date + todays serial #
        8H    ; refresh, seconds
        2H    ; retry, seconds
        4W    ; expire, seconds
        1D )  ; minimum, seconds
      NS  [my external ip].  ; Inet Address of name server
      NS  [secondary dns server]. ; Inet Address of name server
      MX  10 mailhost ; Primary Mail Exchanger
www   IN  A

dig @[my external ip] mydomain.com
;mydomain.com.			IN	A

mydomain.com.		14400	IN	A

mydomain.com.		14400	IN	NS	[my external ip].
mydomain.com.		14400	IN	NS	[secondary dns server].

;; Query time: 60 msec
;; WHEN: Thu Jun 21 14:46:33 2012
;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 123

However the secondary server is not picking up the domain. Is there anything I missed. I had this working for quite a few years, but it stopped some time ago. Not really sure when though. 

I tried adding various configuration changes to set the transfer and notify by adding:

        allow-update { none; };
        allow-transfer { [secondary dns server]; };
        notify yes;
        also-notify { [secondary dns server]; };

but none of this has resolved my problem.

This used to work, but for some reason no longer does. I suspect it is a problem on my dns registrars side, but it could also be an update to bind.


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