[plug] Linux RAID Support

Alexander Hartner alex at j2anywhere.com
Sat Mar 3 15:34:04 WST 2012

I have two onboard raid contollers none of which seem to be supported by linux

Intel X79 chipset : In RAID mode this is detected but doesn't seem to be working properly. Seems to be some sort of fakeraid.

Marvel 88SE9172: In RAID mode I am not able to see the array once booted. I am guessing it is not supported.

My local computer shop has got some affordable raid cards on offer:


However the Highpoint Pocket Raid range seem to be using the same chipset Marvell 88SEXXXX as I already have onboard. 

I tried looking online for a definitive list of supported controllers, but can't find anything which covers hardware raid controllers and their support in Linux. One link I found suggests that support for the Marvell Chipset is being added in the 3.0 Kernel 


Any pointers on this would make my day.
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