[plug] Immovable panel! [OT]

David Dartnall darts at dialix.com.au
Wed Mar 21 16:04:46 WST 2012

Hi all,

At boot-up when the BIOS notification screen appears, and prior to the
NVIDIA screen, a black & white panel (117mm w x 34mm h with black bar on
top, named "VOLUME", a loudspeaker icon below and a horizontal volume
indicator bar having left & right arrows at it's ends and the number
"100" below that again) appears in the centre of the screen on my

It seems to have no relation to the OS - appears when XP or Oeniric are
booted as well as the Mint Helena that I'm using as my main system and I
can't get rid of it. It's here now, as I type, always overlays any
window. It won't drag -  the cursor disappears behind it anyway...

Does anyone have any ideas please.

Dave Dartnall

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