[plug] battery / solar powered monitoring system

Luke John luke.john at osmahi.com
Thu Mar 29 11:56:47 WST 2012

Hi PLUGgers,

I am looking at setting up a monitoring system using a phone (probably android).

The phone would be taking ~10 photos every minute and sending them
over a 3G connection (preferably more if battery could handle it,
possibly some video).  It would only be operating during daylight
hours. It would also not have access to mains power.

The best solution for power I've been able to find so far for powering
the phone would be using a solar battery maintainer to keep a 12 V
battery charged and hooking up the phone via a car charger.

Issues with this solution are; I wouldn't be keeping track of battery
levels, and it possibly wouldn't provide enough power.

Does anybody have any suggestions for powering the device, given that
it doesn't need to be solar as long as battery replacement was
fortnightly, or know of any projects that have documented doing stuff
like this.

Kind Regards
Luke John

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