[plug] Linux Weekly News on kindle

Andrew Cooks acooks at gmail.com
Thu May 10 12:28:23 WST 2012

Hi Everyone

It's Thursday again and than means it's LWN day!

How many of you read LWN on your employer's time every Thursday?
(don't answer that)

I recently got a kindle to make he most of my time on my daily
commute. LWN is one of those quality publications that I'd like to
read, so I contacted them to enquire about distribution via Amazon
Direct Publishing. The short of it is that LWN is not going to do
that, so it's up to me to get the content onto my reader.

I tried the experimental web browser, but that sucks. Besides, there's
no wifi on the train yet afaik. This made me wonder if it's feasible
to use an Android phone to read LWN, but I don't have one, so let me
know if it works for you.

There is an easy solution, which I sent to LWN, but they haven't
responded. Hopefully they don't mind people doing this...

1. Open the weekly edition in its One Big Page format.
2. Then change to the One Big Printable page format.
(Or just go to http://lwn.net/current/bigpage?format=printable if
you're a subscriber and logged in)
3. Save the page, ignoring images and anything that's not embedded in
a single file.
4. Send the resulting html file as an attachment to
<yourname>@free.kindle.com with "convert" as the subject line.

Two minutes later your new "book" will be delivered to your kindle in
the native format.

I haven't got 'round to doing this in a cron job yet, but it should be
trivial to script.

Happy reading!


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