[plug] spare RAM for PLUG ?

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Mon May 14 21:34:47 WST 2012

Hi Jason,

I'll have a hunt through my old RAM sticks to see if I have some DDR PC-3200... I might have a motherboard/CPU combo you could have instead that uses DDR2 as that's a bit easier to find if you'd prefer?


On 14/05/2012, at 8:08 PM, Jason Nicholls wrote:

> Hello Pluggers,
> We're looking at adding additional RAM to one of the PLUG servers and thought the membership may be able to help!
> As an older server it uses 184-pin PC3200 DDR DIMMs - in particular we are looking at 1GB or 2GB capacities per DIMM. If you have any available then please let us know and we'll organise pickup/postage.
> Thanks in advance!
> Jason Nicholls
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