[plug] Raspberry Pi availability

Evert evert at silver-sword.com
Thu May 24 16:37:47 WST 2012

I was really/kinda/sorta/ hoping that a more local supplier (I am 
looking at you Altronics) would start stocking these.
I am keen to get one (or two, or more).

On 24-May-2012 16:05, Andrew Cooks wrote:
> Hi Plug!
> Have any of you managed to get a Raspberry Pi yet?
> http://rastrack.ryanteck.org.uk/ says there's at least four of them in 
> WA, but nobody's confessed to the list yet. Is it reasonable to assume 
> that those four people are Linux users?
> Monday is Plug at the Pub day and it would be great to see one. (You 
> don't have to go full geek with a monitor and keyboard ;)
> Cheers!
> Andrew
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