[plug] Joint Perth Tech Groups Meetup. Wed 6 June 5:45pm, 45 St Georges Tce.

James Bromberger james at rcpt.to
Thu May 31 20:44:40 WST 2012

Hello PLUG,

Last week I attended a meeting of the people in charge of a number of
Perth "tech groups", such as Port 80 (Australian Web Industry
Association/AWIA), Perth Ruby Developers, UX Programmers, etc. These
groups have been struggling (more than PLUG has, it seems - but they are
not incorporated bodies either), and are considering holding joint
events at a central location, with break-out rooms for Special Interest
Groups (SIGs, being each of the groups) to move into for their own meetings.

While PLUG outweighs many of these organisations (80+ members), I feel
its an opportunity to cross-pollenate amongst many of the groups. Venue
space has been donated by SpaceCubbed, a startup that has taken over the
old Reserve Bank vault (!) at 45 St Georges Tce (the little Amcom
building, over the road from the Amcom tower!). Is on the ground floor,
walk through reception, past the lifts towards the rear of the building.

Much of the event will be a social networking and chatting, a small
section of notices, and then "free play", in effect. The first
"cross-tech-group meetup meeting" is scheduled for next week - Wednesday
6th June starting at 5:45pm. I have put this in the calendar for PLUG
(and for http://perth.pm.org/). There's no charges, just come and hang
out and meet more tech people from the developer community across Perth.

I don't know where this will go; I don't think it will replace our
monthly presentations, or if we'll end up merging our PLUG in the Pub
sessions into this, or just have an extra activity on the calendar
(check out the PLUG calendar, its in there). We can but try! :)

So, all welcome, see you possibly on Wednesday evening!


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