[plug] Ubuntu 12.10 screen layout

Steve Baker steve at iinet.net.au
Mon Nov 12 09:09:55 WST 2012

Hi pluggers,

I have a laptop running Ubuntu 12.10. When at the office I have it 
plugged into a docking station with external monitor, at home I run it 

Previous versions of Ubuntu would not automatically configure the 2nd 
monitor, but I could run the nvidia-settings app and set it up easily.  
Now with 12.10 when I'm at work it automatically finds and configures 
the monitor and activates it, however it always puts it to the right of 
the internal monitor, whereas I'd like to set it up as 'above'.

Again, I can do this easily by running the nvidia-settings app, however 
I'd like it to just remember the preferred setup. Remember I still need 
it to behave properly when I'm roaming and have only the single internal 

Any ideas?


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