[plug] Domain redirection solution?

Onno Benschop onno at itmaze.com.au
Tue Oct 23 07:35:08 WST 2012

I received an email from ZoneEdit that reseller services will be
discontinued next month. This impacts the 49 domains I have hosted there. I
have started the process of looking for another service provider and am
seriously considering Route 53 (Amazon) for a number of reasons.

One catch.

Route 53 does not support the apex domain redirection (or any other for
that matter) that ZoneEdit does. Specifically, making a web request from
http://example.com/ turn into http://www.example.com/, or
http://brandname.com/ into http://brandname.company.com/ which I use a lot.

I'd like to create an appliance where I can configure redirects and point
web queries on their merry way.

Here's my question:

I can build a full Ubuntu server (in the cloud) that does this, but are
there more minimalist - read, less updates, less CPU cycles, less
maintenance, less software, etc. that I can deploy? Ideally someone can
point me at an existing appliance that will do this, or perhaps you have
some thoughts on how I might best implement this.

Note that I don't really want to engage a 3rd party service, I'm already
dealing with many registrars, Google Apps accounts, etc. Less is more for
me in this case.

Thoughts and comments?
Onno Benschop

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