[plug] Domain redirection solution?

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 20:27:21 WST 2012

Ideally, you want web redirects to happen on your final destination 
webserver for most things.

Think for example, when you try to ssh example.com, and instead of 
getting your webserver, you get zoneedits redirection server. This is a 
big pain to me, and for this reason recently migrated all our web 
redirects from zoneedit to our own web server.

I did a fairly simple setup with Nginx (which allows wildcard hostnames, 
and is super lightweight in memory usage) to put in our web redirects, 
as some of the redirects couldn't be done on the destination servers 
(i.e. the exchange webmail).

As Shaun already pointed out, wildcards can be your friend. My 
suggestion though would be avoid the wildcards in DNS, and have a Nginx 
web server serving your redirects (using wildcards where possible). If 
you really need the GUI functionality then throw together a simple php 
script that just modifies Nginx config files. Using 
/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ style config files, each redirect can have 
it's own file, each redirect essentially becomes a virtual server which 
is then a very quick hash lookup in Nginx to find the virtual server, 
and then a redirect to the final destination.

Hope that helps you.


On 24/10/12 16:16, Onno Benschop wrote:
> Anyone?
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> On 23 Oct 2012 07:35, "Onno Benschop" <onno at itmaze.com.au 
> <mailto:onno at itmaze.com.au>> wrote:
>     I received an email from ZoneEdit that reseller services will be
>     discontinued next month. This impacts the 49 domains I have hosted
>     there. I have started the process of looking for another service
>     provider and am seriously considering Route 53 (Amazon) for a
>     number of reasons.
>     One catch.
>     Route 53 does not support the apex domain redirection (or any
>     other for that matter) that ZoneEdit does. Specifically, making a
>     web request from http://example.com/ turn into
>     http://www.example.com/, or http://brandname.com/ into
>     http://brandname.company.com/ which I use a lot.
>     I'd like to create an appliance where I can configure redirects
>     and point web queries on their merry way.
>     Here's my question:
>     I can build a full Ubuntu server (in the cloud) that does this,
>     but are there more minimalist - read, less updates, less CPU
>     cycles, less maintenance, less software, etc. that I can deploy?
>     Ideally someone can point me at an existing appliance that will do
>     this, or perhaps you have some thoughts on how I might best
>     implement this.
>     Note that I don't really want to engage a 3rd party service, I'm
>     already dealing with many registrars, Google Apps accounts, etc.
>     Less is more for me in this case.
>     Thoughts and comments?
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