[plug] How to set 'global' environment variables at boot time?

Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 00:42:46 WST 2012

I am working on a script to start Tomcat on a CentOS like OS (AWS EC2 Linux).
I need to configure a 'global' environment variable in the system that is set when the system boots and before the tomcat scripts executes to start the service. I did some research on z InnerNet and tried quite a few things with no success.
Basically I need to set and export the environment variable with a path ($CATALINA_HOME), maybe from /etc/profile?, and then read it from another script at boot time. Also how do I read and display the variable from the script to verify it is set properly?
All the scripts I've seen hard code the path, which I want to avoid.
Any suggestion?
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