[plug] Next week

Peter Lyons darklion at peterlyons.id.au
Mon Dec 9 14:21:25 UTC 2013

Garry <garbuck at westnet.com.au> wrote:

Hi Gary

Apologies for the mix up, we should have removed that event from the PLUG
calendar; sorry the oversight on our part cost you so much time.

As for Tuesday (tomorrow), we had been hoping to put something together,
but plans have fallen through, so we will *NOT* be having a talk tomorrow.

Peter Lyons
PLUG Secretary 2013

>Can someone please confirm that the PLUG talk is really on next week 
>please (10th Dec),
>because the Perth Tech Groups meta meetup at Spacecubed last night (on 
>the PLUG calendar)
>didn't happen. It was my first time to go to one of those.

>Spoke to Tom Riordan who said there wasn't even a booking last night.

>It's a pleasant drive up but 5-6 hrs return for nothing is a little 

>I don't remember seeing a note on the PLUG list, I just went by the PLUG 
>website "what's on".

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