[plug] Anyone willing to act as a Bitcoin proxy/gateway for LCA2014 payment?

Joel Wirāmu Pauling joel at aenertia.net
Fri Dec 13 00:37:46 UTC 2013


I am traveling to LCA and am just doing conference registrations at the

I have queried the organizers if they can accept Bitcoin but it seems they
are a little late getting the registration pages developed to accept it.

I am wondering if there is someone local who would be willing to accept a
BTC payment from me and pay my registration cost. I am loathe to pay with
my NZ CC ; get pinged for currency conversion, and fees - when I have some
perfectly usable BTC ready to go.

I am also looking for accom for the conference (I am an experienced CS'er
http://couchsurfing.org/people/aenertia ) and if there is anyone who has a
spare slot during the week and is attending would be happy to hear from you.

Kind regards

+64 21 171 8049
aenertia at aenertia.net
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