[plug] linux.conf.au LCA2014 in Perth

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Mon Feb 4 05:57:53 UTC 2013

Hey PLuggers

For those of you who are not yet aware of the good news. Linux.conf.au will
be in Perth for 2014!!!!!! ;+)
We are running it Luke, Euan, Nick, myself and our AV team!!! Liam Jason
etc(With James Bromberger's guidance)

Most people are LCA where very excited to be able to come to Perth again.
It's been too long since the 2003 team run it.

We will be having a general chat about LCA2014 in the coming weeks. Who
wants to be involved as a volunteer(not matter how big or small)

We may be giving away some free conference tickets(So it may help to be
involved ;-)

Chat to you all soon
Paul Del
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