[plug] Spacecubed Cabling Project

euan at dekock.net euan at dekock.net
Wed Feb 20 00:59:21 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

As many of you are aware, PLUG has offered to put in an ethernet cabling infrastructure for Spacecubed. In return they allow us to use their premises for our meetings. Additionally, the cabling saves us a lot of setup time for our av kit.

We're planning on having an install fest this weekend to get the cabling laid and wired up. If you have any free time we'd really appreciate it if you could come along and lend a hand.

We'll probably start from about 11:00 on Saturday, and will expect to repeat this for Sunday dependent on or progress.

Please drop a line back to this group to let us know if your available, no special skills needed, just a willingness and an indifference to a bit of dust and dirt.


Euan de Kock
President - Perth Linux User Group (PLUG)
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