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Wed Jul 10 08:45:42 UTC 2013

Thanks Jason.

Also a big shout of thanks to Amazon Web Service (AWS) and James Bromberger for laying on the pizzas.


Euan de Kock
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On 10/07/13 16:17 Jason Nicholls wrote:

Thanks to Alastair for the talk!

For those that missed the talk or want to review part of it again, it's now available on youtube (55mins):



Jason Nicholls
PLUG avguy

On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 12:42 PM, Alastair Irvine <alastair at plug.org.au> wrote:

Hi, folks.  I'm giving a talk tonight at Spacecubed: 45 St Georges
Terrace, Perth.

Here is the blurb:
Alastair Irvine believes in the right tool for the job.  At this PLUG
talk, he will be giving an introduction to Subversion including a few
demos, some of which will be interactive.  Feel free to bring your

Subversion is a more primitive revision control system than the
distributed revision control systems in common use today, e.g. Git and
Mercurial.  Therefore it has several problems that they don't suffer
from.  However, these problems only usually occur when doing
collaborative development.

I believe there is a place for just about every tool, and in a more
simplistic situation, Subversion can be quicker to get started with.
It's certainly easier to learn.  When your revision control needs are
straightforward, it's OK to start with this  and if you need to migrate
to Git later there are some tools that can help.

This talk will cover the following:
  + repository setup
  + what is a working copy?
  + backups
  + merging

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