[plug] Open Source Industry Australia survey -- closing Wednesday

Euan de Kock euan at dekock.net
Fri May 10 16:00:37 UTC 2013

Hi Alastair,

I've just received this now (10th May @ 11:56pm) - not sure what 
happened along the way, but it seems to have got stuck in a relay 



On 05/06/2013 06:56 PM, Alastair Irvine wrote:
> Hi, all.  Please forgive my post to so many lists, but I really want
> to get the word out there about this survey, which will help to
> increase understanding about FOSS from both a professional and user
> level.  (Please note that I am a member of OSIA, but I'm not on the
> Board and I'm sending this as an individual.)
> The survery is due to close in two days, so please respond ASAP.
> Thanks.
> Open Source Industry Australia Limited (OSIA) are a national
> association that has been going for several years now.  They
> represent FOSS-related businesses.
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> From: Daniel Jitnah
> Sent: Wednesday, 24 April, 2013 10:31 AM
> Subject: [Osia-members] OSIA Survey: 24 April - 8 May 2013
> Hello,
> OSIA would like to invite you to participate in an online survey
> relating to the Open Source software industry in Australia.  Any one
> who has an interest in the Open Source software sector is welcome to
> complete this survey.  This includes but is not limited to OSIA
> present and past Members, Open Source Software service providers,
> other IT service providers, users of Open Source software.
> This survey serves 2 main purposes:
> 1. To provide a better understanding of the sentiments of its
> Members and other Open Source practitioners in regard to OSIA's
> activities.
> 2. To provide a better understanding of the general state of the
> Open Source Software sector in Australia and enable baseline data to
> be established which will facilitate the evolution and progress of
> Open Source software to be traced in future surveys.   The available
> capacity in Australia to deliver Open Source services and products,
> and human resource issues are of particular interest in this survey.
> This survey should take about 10 to 15 mins to complete.
> To access the survey please follow the link below.
>      http://osia.com.au/surveys/index.php/288243?lang=en
> Or visit the OSIA website and follow the link.
> This survey is open until the 8 May 2013.
> If you have any query or which to provide further comment about this
> survey, please email: survey at osia.com.au.
> We hope that your contribution will help OSIA better support the
> Open Source Business Community in Australia.
> Regards,
> OSIA Board
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