[plug] [Off-topic] CMOS 3V3 to TTL 5v buffer

Euan de Kock euan at dekock.net
Thu Nov 14 13:49:50 UTC 2013

If your only running it in one direction, eg as an output, then the easiest is through a 74LS01 twice - the 7401 is a logic inverter, and can work at a much higher frequency than 19200. The logic levels on most 74 devices are such that 3.3v is more than enough to register as true logic. 


Euan deKock.

Adrian Woodley <Adrian at Diskworld.com.au> wrote:
>G'day PLUGers,
>A little off topic, but I'm looking for a simple CMOS to TTL buffer / 
>level converter. The plan is to use a RPi (3V3 CMOS) to control an Icom
>IC-7400 transceiver, using the Cat C-IV interface (5V TTL). Needs to 
>handle 19200 baud.
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