[plug] LCA2014 technical workshop

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Thu Nov 28 11:44:20 UTC 2013

Hi all! Looks like this announcement has to go far and wide - I
recommend followups to the team at lists.lca2014.linux.org.au list unless
you absolutely need to get everyone.

Yes, the LCA2014 Technical Ghosts weekend is almost underway with a
nominal start of 12pm Friday (tomorrow). James Iseppi and Steve Walsh will
be arriving soon and a bunch of the Perth team will make it as they can.

Parking at UWA is easy, as of this week all the student YELLOW bays are
available, 25 November 2013 - 21 February 2014.

For venue and comms access, we're relying on Daniel Tay and Mark Tearle
as available.
Jason and Leon had planned (as of the previous walkthrough) to be doing
some in-venue AV setups and testing of our fledgling network. I will be
testing/installing network and computer equipment, the more the merrier.

Thursday: Retrieve equipment: NB, LJ
Hardware testing - @UCC? @Leon? @Luke?

Lunch Friday, then PM: ZK schedule/start
Where: University Tavern (give us a call sms below)
        near Hackett Entrance #2
        possible testing upstairs at the UCC:
Evening dinner

Saturday 9am-
Network walkthrough: Daniel
Rego/ZK Checkin form fix/validation
Rego/ZK Outstanding bugs
Network requirements, general vs AV
Network build commences
Dinner in Fremantle/Cottesloe

Sunday -4pm
(Mark Tearle not available in morning)
Network: Steve's other rants!
Rego/ZK Features & leftovers

They escape!

Time: 12 pm Friday - Sunday 4 PM
Who: Networking Team, Core Team, Extended Team plus AV team

We probably won't be checking email much as we will be working, so please
ping our mobiles as you will get a quicker response.

Call/SMS us on
Luke 0429 904 999
Paul 0468 399 939
Nick 0419 957 011

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