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Nick Bannon nick at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Tue Oct 1 07:24:22 UTC 2013

If you missed out on PLUG-in-the-Pub last night, you might want to
join us a little earlier for the First-Tuesday SAGE-AU-WA meeting,
tonight. Visitors are welcome, gratis, though of course we want regular
visitors to sign up as members in due course.

Note the drink segregation rules below, but need I remind anyone that
Oktoberfest is well underway? $10.50 half-steins of Germany's best.

Otherwise, we'll see you all at our usual time, usual venue,
Second-Tuesday at http://spacecubed.org , next week.


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Subject: [SAGE-WA] Reminder: Chapter Meeting, tomorrow night: Data storage and management systems
	for SMBs (Marcus Tang, UXC Connect Managed Services and Support)

Dear all,

Our meeting for October 2013 will be on Tuesday evening. Please 
come along and bring a friend! Or three! It will be fun*.

If you can, please RSVP and/or share:

* Even though there are rules regarding drinks; see below.

            SAGE-AU Western Australian Chapter Meeting

TITLE:   Data storage and management systems for SMBs

DATE:    Tuesday 1st October 2013

TIME:    6:00 PM (drinks), 6:30 PM (meeting)

VENUE:   Moon and Sixpence British Pub
         300 Murray St
         Perth 6000

CONTACT: Alastair Irvine <alastair.irvine at computer.org>
         0490 249709 (new work number)

.: AGENDA :.

[6:00pm]  Meet for drinks and chat at "The Stables" in the rear of 
the pub.  The area is roped off with signage announcing the 

[6:25pm]  Migration to the Raine Room of the adjoining Comfort Inn.

Drinks rules: Please remember that we have been asked not to take 
our drinks from the Moon and Sixpence to the meeting room any more.  
However, given that rules tend be illogical, there is a loophole.

It turns out that Raine Room operates as part of La Bohème's 
liquor license.  So if you go from the hotel lobby through the 
bistro into the other pub (on Murray Street, corner of William 
Street) you can buy a drink there and bring that into the meeting 
room.  No pretending; there are probably cameras.

[6:30pm]  Welcome & Introductions.

[6:35pm]  Meeting commences.

This month's guest is Marcus Tang.

SMBs (small and medium sized businesses) face unique challenges when 
it comes to storage & storage management, so what can we do and 
where can we go?

Come and share a moment with us and hear about storage change, 
whether free tools makes sense and are cloud based offering a good 

Even if you think you have heard it all before bring your friends, 
bring your partners and have a drink after.

Marcus works for UXC Connect Managed Services and Support.

He specialises in data storage and data backup and has done HPC / 
larger data projects.

[7:30pm]  Meeting close. Migration back to the pub for drinks, Q&A, 
and General Discussion of current IT issues.

Hope to see you there!

The Moon and Sixpence pub is located on Murray Street, Perth, 
between Queen and William Streets. It is within easy walking 
distance of the Busport, Wellington Street Bus Station, Perth Train 
Station and less than 100 meters from Perth Underground Train 
Station. For those who are driving, Murray Street is one-way (east, 
towards the hills) with vehicle entry available from Milligan 
Street, the Freeway and West Perth. Parking is available from one 
of several City of Perth carparks located along Murray Street, as 
well as in bays on Murray Street itself. 

Find your way there with Google Maps: http://bit.ly/35b23N

MAILING LIST DISCLAIMER: Please pass this message on to any other 
people that you know who might be interested in attending - system 
administrators, technicians, engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, 
etc. Everyone is welcome!

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