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Come join us at UWA this Sunday morning and check out ACMS(WA).


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A meeting of the ACMS(WA) is being held on Sunday.
 * Sunday 6th October 2013, 10:30am
 * in the Cameron Hall Loft, above the University Computer Club;
   Hackett Entrance #2 at The University of Western Australia,
 * Directions:
 * If lost, call Nick Bannon on 0419 957 011

General Business Items

 * Storage of the Star 910, acquisition of the Sun Enterprise 6000 and spares

 * Printing membership flyer for ACS dinner, Wednesday 9th
   Lending the ACS the PDP6 console for display at the dinner
   Possibility of use of a display area at UWA Computer Science.

 * Website/catalogue work

 * Mundaring busybee schedule

Committee, Australian Computer Museum Society (WA) Inc

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Mobile: 0407 196 016
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