[plug] Python users? Tonight at Spacecubed

Nick Bannon nick at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Wed Oct 16 22:13:42 UTC 2013

Sounds like there's other things going on at our regular venue,
spacecubed.org (as always!).

There's a special call out to the broader Perth Python community, you'll
be welcome at tonight's monthly meeting by the not-so-exclusive:

PDjUG October 2013: Perth Python Pals Please!
    Thursday, October 17, 2013
    5:30 PM
    45 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Perth (map)

    The external doors lock automatically at 6PM; if you need to be let
in, DM @DjangoPerth on Twitter

    This month, lets do a more traditional meetup -- a bit of a social
yarn, and a couple of talks. 

    If you've got a project you'd like to show off, or there's a Django
API or Python tool that you'd like to give some exposure to, get in
touch and we'll get you some floor time.


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nick-sig at rcpt.to | I lack the time to make it shorter." - Pascal

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