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nicholas warren nicholas.warren06 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 09:22:31 UTC 2014

    Upgrading from Linux Puppy 4 to Puppy 5 has given me a few problems 
as well as advantages.
I want to use the program (loaded as a "pet") bibledesktop. This is has 
been replaced by "Bible Time" which to my taste is harder to use and has 
less features.
Should I try convert the "fs"? or somehow get the bibledesktop "from the 
puppy 4 somehow?
Code for loading from downloaded  packet from crosswire(using Fire Fox) 
bibledesktop.sh to getting it running. I didversion ohave this and used 
it to load onto  of Linux Mint. wrote it all in my notebook 
unfortunately my computer and note book were stolen from my vehicle! (A 
200 cc Vespa PXE).
Any advice you could give me would very much be appreciated.
Best Wishes

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