[plug] Messaging using SNMP

Craig Foster craig at fostware.net
Mon Dec 8 06:25:09 UTC 2014

If SNMP is “less firewalled” then they’re doing it wrong…

SNMP allows configuration changes and file transfers on a lot of Cisco devices, and most devices will succumb to sensitive information leakage.

Any IT Admin worth their coin will firewall SNMP down to specific IPs, or even separate it to a management or OOB VLAN/Network.

TL;DR Wouldn’t go down that path…

Craig F.

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I need to pass short strings from one pc to another. At present I 'm using TCP socket connections, since that works with Moxa NPorts too. In an environment where the IT environment is 'hostile ' perhaps SNMP might be a less firewalled alternative.  SNMP does look rather daunting to get into.  Am I wasting my time considering it?
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