[plug] Messaging using SNMP

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Mon Dec 8 13:41:31 UTC 2014

On 08/12/14 20:53, Andrew Cooks wrote:
> Hi Kevin
> Having recently implemented an SNMP agent, I strongly encourage you to
> try other options first.
> Almost everything uses port 80 these days, so is that not an option?
> If you need to subvert IT, socat on UDP port 53 is sometimes an
> interesting option.

I've recently been doing some contracting for some companies that have 
somewhat totalitarian IT departments. No matter the fire wall or the 
packet analysers used, all have happily let through any traffic on port 
22. It's quite astounding what you can tunnel over ssh if you have to, 
or simply use port 22/tcp for transport and not raise an eyebrow.

I've found recently that DNS proxies tend to b0rk most non-dns traffic 
on 53. But hey, in some cases its a matter of running through all the 
tools in your toolbox in order of complexity in order to circumvent the 

Having said that, I agree with all the others. SNMP is a world of hurt 
to implement and if implemented properly on a network is locked down 
tighter than the proverbial as it is a sitting duck.

I once put RS485 over a pair of brine-soaked string.. It's not exactly 
120 ohm, but it worked. Where there is a will.. (or a bottle of single 
malt on the line)..

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