[plug] Plug on Github

Luke John email at lukejohn.me
Wed Feb 19 01:58:30 UTC 2014

Dear Plug,

Plug now has a [github account](https://github.com/plugorgau) with a
few public repositories.

 * [website](https://github.com/plugorgau/website) - Plugs website
    * The intention is to migrate from a drupal to static website
 * [ugmm](https://github.com/plugorgau/ugmm) - User Group Membership Management
    * Current planned improvements
       * Removing first name and last name fields and replacing with Fullname
    * Changes being considered
       * Removing phone numbers
       * Dropping LDAP for a lightweight db
 * [constitution_and_policies](https://github.com/plugorgau/constitution_and_policies)
- Constitution and Policies
    * Currently bare but soon to contain
       * the authoritative constitution
       * a markdown version of the constitution

If your interested in helping out please feel free to jump on and
comment on issues and fork the repos and send pull requests.

Kind Regards
Luke John

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