[plug] the "iview problem"

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 13:36:02 UTC 2014

Anyone else struggling to feed their fix of iview to catch shows you've
missed going to air?

First, I know the background to this by having searched out (a while
ago) the whole stupid flash issue and how we in linux-land are worst
affected. Consequently, I have the pepper flash plugin installed and up
to date and am forced to use it in the chrome browser.

However, despite that I have two issues:
1/ the default chrome settings file seems to keep getting over-written
and the necessary extra line of settings telling chrome to use pepper
flash is disappearing at random intervals. This requires repeated
editing of that default settings file; and
2/ Despite ensuring chrome is using the latest pepper flash (checked
using "chrome:plugins") I have been unable to see any iview for a couple
of weeks now (btw, sbs ondemand is fine as long as pepper is up to date).

The iview message boards have nothing new related to my issue on the
topic that I can see.

Why oh why is iview being so belligerent on this issue? Surely if one
were to use an outdated flash then it is at your own risk so why have a
website bar you from its content?

Is my recent frustration an isolated case?

Gavin Chester

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