[plug] Having a cleanout

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Wed Jun 25 12:57:57 UTC 2014

HUGE bundle of SATA Cables

2 x 512MB PC133 SDRAM (Not suitable for G3 or G4 Macs)

1 x PC133 256MB SDRAM
5 x 256MB DDR2
1 x 512MB DDR2
6 x 2GB DDR3

2 x Cabletron 802.11b Roamabout cards

Cardbus Cards
3 x Dual port USB2
1 x Dual port Firewire
1 x Dual Port Firewire + Dual port USB2

PCI Cards
6 X Promise TX4 4 port SATA cards
1 x Dual port IDE card
1 x Dual port SATA Card (SIL 3112)
1 x Twinhan clone DBVS Card with CI Slot (CI never worked in Linux, the 
tuner did)
1 x Connexant LifeView TV Tuner / Video capture card
1 x Can't remember random DVBS card (No CI)
1 x Rockwell chipset Fax modem Card
1 x VIA 4 port Firewire card
1 x 4 port USB2 2 Port Firewire card
1 x D-Link DWL-520

PCIe Cards
2 x 4 port Sata-II Marvell 88sx7042 cards. Well supported in Linux. 1 
card has a dead port (it's marked). Startech PEXSATA24E

7 x Addonics SATA to IDE converters (I seem to remember one might be dead).
4 x Sata to SAS adapter boards (to allow connecting a SAS drive to a SAS 
controller using a SATA cable. Will not make a SAS driver talk to a SATA 

1 x 1.8 Ghz Core Duo mobile CPU from a 2006 Mac Mini. Removed working 
and replaced with a Core 2 Duo.

All of this stuff has seen Linux and all worked well excepting the 
random DVBS (Non CI) card which was just a bad purchase. Unless noted it 
was all working when removed.

I think I have 5 or 6 Maxtor Maxline-II 250GB SATA drives in a box 
somewhere too. All retired working with about 2x,xxx hours on the clock. 
I'd have to have a look and secure erase them if someone had a use for them.

Free to good home.

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