[plug] Student access to school networks

Kevin Shackleton krshackleton at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 10:21:22 UTC 2014


I have a situation where my daughter is attending a leading independent
government school and because she is using her own UNIX (ok, it's a Mac) PC
instead of leasing one through the school, the school won't give her a
logon for the shared drives.  These drives are used to pick up and drop off
school work.

The school's original position was "the Department policy prevents . .".

I contacted the Department of Education and received:

"The development and implementation of SOE version 4.2 in schools has
enabled local decisions to be made regarding which of these online services
are made available to staff and students.  This strategy directly supports
the philosophy of Independent Public Schools and ensures that Western
Australian public schools can be individual, distinctive and responsive to
their local communities while still benefiting from being part of a system."

I wonder if anyone is working in a position where they might cast light on
why school IT managers are so parochial in the 21st century? What is it
they fear?


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