[plug] Sen S. Ludlam CryptoParty - April 22nd

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Mon Apr 20 00:38:25 UTC 2015

Hey PLUG members
This is a forward from Sen S. Ludlam's office for their CryptoParty on
April 22nd if any one is interested
Thanks Paul

I'm organising a CryptoParty at the Rosemount Hotel on Aprill 22nd for
Scott Ludlam. As you may be aware Scott is an avid opponent of the data
retention laws that have just been passed in parliament. We're holding this
event to bring together a community of people who care about this issue and
using the opportunity to share some basic crypto skills. I was wondering if
your group might be interested in coming along? There's 2 main ways I can
see you guys getting involved. The first is the 'advanced' session we're
hosting for people with strong crypto skills already to get together and
share info. And then there's the Crypto 101 session for beginners where
we'll have break out sessions where i'm hoping to get a support team of IT
savvy people to help facilitate. During these breakout sessions people will
be installing some encrypting software and giving it a go. I'm wondering if
anyone in your group might be interested in joining our support team on the
Let me know if any of this interests you. I can also send you some promo
material about the event if you have some networks or contacts that you
think might be keen to come along.
Look forward to hearing from you.

For Sen S. Ludlam
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