[plug] Let's Encrypt (All the things?)

Linda Ray lindarayonline at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 14:25:17 UTC 2015

Not that one but good idea, as with enigmail encryption for emails. Haven't seen it before. 

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> On 17 Aug 2015, at 8:32 pm, Luke John <email at lukejohn.me> wrote:
> Hey Pluggers,
> Is anyone currently tracking/involved/interested with Let's Encrypt?
> https://letsencrypt.org/
> "Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority:
> It’s free, automated, and open."
> It's currently on track to have a 'beta' release on September 7th with
> general availability November 16, 2015.
> If anyone is currently knowledgeable or plans to be by the next plug
> meeting (8th of September) and would feel comfortable giving a short
> talk about it, please let myself or committee know
> (committee at plug.org.au).
> Cheers, Luke.
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