[plug] PLUG AGM 2015 Minutes

Peter Lyons darklion at peterlyons.id.au
Tue Feb 10 14:42:41 UTC 2015

Minutes of the PLUG Annual General Meeting 2015
held on Tuesday, 10th February 2015 from 7pm
at 'SpaceCubed', Ground Floor, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Members present:
	Peter Lyons		(Minute Taker)
	Margaret Wood
	Andrew Cooks
	James Henstridge
	James Bromberger
	Leon Wright
	Phillip Bennett
	Michael Van Delft
	Samuel Bishop
	Daniel Beard
	Jason Nicholls
	Delan Azabani
	Luke Mercuri
	Kieran Mesquita
	Paul del Fante
	James B<indechipherable>
	Nick Bannon
	Euan de Kock		(Chair)

	Byron Hammond
	Mike Crean

Meeting opened Tuesday February 10th 2015 at 7:10pm by Euan de Kock
It was determined that as current membership was <= 40 that sufficient
members were present for quorum to be met.

0. Welcome
	Euan de Kock welcome everyone to the meeting

1. Minutes
	Euan asked if everyone had seen the minutes
	Motion: That the minutes be accepted as a true and correct record;
	Moved: Nick Bannon; Seconded: Paul del Fante;
	Passed without dissent.

2. Reports
2a. President's report by Euan de Kock
	* Year in Review
		- linux.conf.au 2014
		- PLUG Talks
			Paul Fenwick
			Grahame Bowland
			James Henstridge
			Andrew Cooks
			Nick Bannon
		- PLUG Quiz
		- PLUG in the Pub
		- Software Freedom Day
		- 2015 AGM
	* Achievements
		AV Team
			- linux.conf.au 2014
			- linux.conf.au 2015
			- eventstreamer
	* Thank You
		- AV Team
		- Admin Team
			Leon Wright spoke briefly about administration needs
		- Committee
		- Spacecubed

2b. Treasurer's Report by Paul del Fante

	Peter Lyons reported that prior to the meeting PLUG had 34 current members
	who had either not expired or were within 3 months of expiry (and thus
	were still current according to our Constitution) and that 2-5 new
	members had signed up just before the meeting.
3. Election
	After a brief discussion on procedure, Euan de Kock made a call for a
	returning officer; James Bromberger volunteered.

	Motion: That James Bromberger be appointed Returning Officer;
	Moved: Nick Bannon; Seconded: Margaret Wood;
	Passed without dissent.

	James Bromberger asked for a listing of the nominations received
	Petter Lyons reported that:
			No nominations

			No nominations

			No nominations

			Paul Del Fante
			Peter Lyons

		Ordinary Committee Members
			Peter Lyons

	Election of Chairperson
		James called for nominations for President
			Michael Van Delft nominated himself
				Euan de Kock seconded the nomination.
		There being no further nominations, James declared Michael elected.
	Election of Vice-Chairperson
		James called for nominations for Vice President
			Andrew Cooks nominated Nick Bannon who accepted;
			Jason Nicholls nominated Andrew Cooks who accepted.
		There being no further nominations, the canditates made a
		brief speech and left the room for voting.
		The first round of voting resulted in a tie,
		in the run off vote, Andrew Cooks was elected.

	Election of Treasurer
		James called for nominations for Vice President
			Jason Nicholls nominated himself;
			Peter Lyons nominated himself.
		There being no further nominations, the canditates made a
		brief speech and left the room for voting.
		Peter Lyons was elected.

	Election of Secretary
		Paul Del Fante was declared elected unopposed.

	Election of Ordinary Committee Members
		James called for nominations for OCMs
			James Henstridge nominated himself;
			Delan Azabani nominated himself;
			Luke Mercuri nominated himself.
		As no further nominees remained, the three canditates:
		James Henstridge, Delan Azabani & Luker Mercuri were elected

4. General Business
	No business was raised.

Euan de Kock closed the meeting at 7:40pm.

Date of Next Meeting
	Committee meeting at 7:30pm on 16th February 2015 via IRC/Mumble
	Next PLUG meeting at 7pm on 10th March 2015 in Spacecubed.

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