[plug] unable to login via gui after update of ubuntu 14

David Godfrey info at sbts.com.au
Thu Oct 15 02:07:55 UTC 2015

Hi David,

Another possibility is an issue with X such as nvidia drivers not being 
built against the running kernel.

Checking log files for X (~/.xerrors and /var/log/xorg... from memory) 
may help.

Also, as you can login on the console, try running




Both of these should start an X session, in the case of xinit you should 
just have a single X term in the top left corner of the screen.
NOTE:Focus will follow the mouse, so to type exit in the xterm you will 
need to move the mouse over the xterm first.

If X starts up this way then it's not video drivers :)

David G

On 15/10/15 08:43, David Buddrige wrote:
> Hi all,
> I run my laptop on ubuntu 14. Last night there were some automatic software updates from ubuntu, so I installed them, however, now I am unable to login via the gui. I can get to a console login using ctrl+alt+f1 and then login with my normal username and password, but whenI attempt to login via the gui, the X seems to crash and then bounce me back to the login screen.
> Has anyone else seen this problem? I've been googling for an answer- there was a suggestion that it might be related to permissions on my .Xauthority file, but my user already has ownership permissions on that file. Any thoughts on what might have gone wrong?
> thanks heaps all,
> David Buddrige
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