[plug] More Nostalgic Obsolete Products free to good/interesting homes

Peter Dreisiger prd at decarchive.org
Thu Oct 29 08:51:25 UTC 2015

Hello all, and apologies (again) for the cross-post.

Earlier this year, I went through the SUN part of my hardware collection and gave away whatever I won't be taking to Germany; now it's time for the rest of my collection, and since I had some interest from these lists last time, I thought I'd try here again.

Given the number of systems, I'm not going to enumerate them all here, but the rough inventory at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RVTB-TSIotnDiLchk8q_slz0MpzxxcDzKmG-h20mT2s includes DEC Alpha, DECwriter, Letterwriter and Storageworks systems, G3 Apple iMacs, a SUN ELC and Voyager, some monitors that are more useful than not (a 19" multisync monitor that support sync-on-green), a few other terminals (NCD NC400/900s, a TI portable printing terminal), as well as some other Apple Mac and PC hardware. Basically, anything that's marked as 'Gift' is free to a good home; I'm also open to offers for anything marked 'Sell' (the offers can be cash, or descriptions of at least vaguely interesting project ideas).

Pick up will probably be from a storage unit in Yangebup; if there's not much interest (and/or interest only in a few of the smaller items), it's entirely possible that we could do pick-up from my place on the Hamilton Hill/South Fremantle border.

Thanks in advance,

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