[plug] real mans hard drive for sale

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Tue Jul 19 23:13:13 AWST 2016

G'day all,

Does anyone want some old Seagate 15k.5 300GB SAS drives?

I've just de-commissioned 4 of them and they're free to a good home.

These drives held the world speed record in 2007 with a massive transfer 
rate of 125MB/s from the media, and bottoming out at about 75MB/s. A 
staggeringly quick 6.6ms average seek made for some formidable IO 
throughput on high load servers before someone invented SSD and 
obsoleted high performance spinners overnight.

Unfortunately now they're just hot noisy drives. Nothing wrong with 
them. 3 of them have about 45,000 hours and one has about 68,000. It's 
just that even in a RAID10,F2 they are now soundly trounced by a $500 
Samsung SSD which is quicker, quieter, cooler and much much lighter.

These are a real mans hard disk and aside from age there is nothing 
wrong with them. It's just after 5 years I need the drive slots back
and so they have to go. Of course they won't play with a SATA controller 
so you'll need a real SAS controller to get them to do anything.

I'm not in any hurry and if they don't go then they'll just end up in 
the pile of "scavenge for bits". Mostly the platters end up as mobiles 
hanging from trees in my nieces back yard.


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