[plug] OT: Security Cameras and Open Source

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Fri Jul 22 10:10:42 AWST 2016

On 16/07/16 14:11, Daniel wrote:
> Hi
> I'm getting uninvited guests trying car doors and windows so
> considering getting external security cameras with good night vision to
> record these events.

Guys, just on CCTV the State have been working since mid-2015 on a 
cohesive CCTV strategy. This is now available to the public and if you 
are interested in CCTV it's worth a browse.


Additionally, there are some minimum guidelines for CCTV systems and 
some tools to help you assess and measure your CCTV systems real 
delivered resolution against some existing guidelines.


In particular the resolution chart on page 11 of the ANZPAA guidelines 
is quite useful. It's not my favourite metric, but it's one anyone at 
home can print out and play along with.

The Police position on time/date stamping on-screen is a guideline based 
on the fact most cheap DVR/NVR systems are incapable of stamping the 
image metadata with appropriate time/date and so having it obscure parts 
of the on-screen image is seen as the reliable way of ensuring an 
accurate and indelible stamp for use as evidence. If you have a real 
CCTV system that can reliably export evidence that is not actually 
required. Additionally, the recorded frame rate of 12.5FPS is a 
recommendation, and in general 8 FPS will get you enough to determine 
who threw the first punch.

If CCTV systems met these basic criteria we'd see less of "can you 
identify this block of pixels? If so call Crimestoppers" on the news and 
more useful prosecution.

Disclaimer: we had some input/involvement in the development of the 


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