[plug] Looking for Someone to assist with Raspberry Pi / web dashboard

Nelson Pray praynelson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 19:46:12 UTC 2016

Hey Everyone,

My name is Nelson and I have been a linux user since 2007 roughly. This is
my first time posting to a mailing list so I apologise if it becomes
rambling or too long. But here is a bit of back story for my current

Around November of last year, I was working at Dick Smith and had someone
call asking what smart tv's we had that could be used via remote access
which I don't think any smart tv has that feature I asked what they needed
to do and they said they wanted to display a website on the tv and be able
to change things remotely.

Immediately I thought that a raspberry pi would be exactly what he needed.
So I told him about the raspberry pi and he agreed that it sounded great
and that's where the convo ended.

Fast forward to late December and he comes into the store I work at and
said he was having issues installing the operating system and wanted my
help setting it up.So I did help  because I felt partially obligated since
I did recommend it but things kept progressing and been getting more
complicated. Although I have been using linux for a few years I don't
really do much with remote access and that sort of thing.

So this brings me to the main point of this post. The current setup we have
(mainly because of how he wanted it) is Rasbian running 2 chromium web
browsers side by side display 3 web pages in one and 2 webpages in another
using an extension that switches between tabs (the web pages give info on
solar power system).

I am looking for someone to help Alex with this project of his, he has
mentioned a couple of times that he was willing to pay me $20/hour for my
work but on my time off from work I just wanted to spend time with my wife
and not worry about additional work. Alex is based is the Freo area, if you
are interested or would just like more info please let me know :)

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