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Dean Bergin dean.bergin at gmail.com
Fri May 6 16:41:46 AWST 2016

Hello Plug,

I have begun a very ambitious project to migrate away from KVM/libvirt to a
full OpenStack RDO build on a single host using packstack which involves
using what I think is as a less than ideal distribution of choice. CentOS
(mostly due to availability in the repos).

My motivations for this outweigh my reasons for this choice which is to
have a less burdensome and more intuitive interface to manage my all-in-one
Virtualisation infrastructure with the ultimate end-goal of being able to
dedicate more time to labs within the infrastructure including some docker
work (which I may even do a talk on this at plug some day). This may even
have the added benefit of scalability and or hybrid integration with public
cloud providers...

I have, however had quite a few setbacks, stemming from most important and
specific requirement of at least one logical bonded interface (network
teaming/etherchanel or whatever you prefer and call it) and having that
bond allow all tenants (if that is the correct word) access beyond the
virtual networks including the internet or perhaps even a dedicated virtual
internet router that the traditional/physical network can use (which is an
optional, but much wanted requirement).

The overall design is not too complex, but I am in desperate need some
assistance from any souls who have either have experience in a similar
scenario, OpenStack in general and are willing to share their experience
an/or guide me in my implementation and/or design or would like to learn
with me while guiding me through the process of elimination to get this
working including fully documenting the process for anyone to implement!

*NOTE: I have considered a vmware solution, but I am using software RAID in
this design, which while I am aware it is not ideal, I cannot yet afford a
decent hardware RAID controller of sufficient port capacity, so I cannot
use an "out-of-box" vmware solution.*

Kind Regards,

*Dean Bergin.*


Kind Regards,

*Dean Bergin*.
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