[plug] Wireless router recommendations

Brad Campbell brad at fnarfbargle.com
Wed Nov 16 21:24:16 AWST 2016

On 16/11/16 15:19, Bill Kenworthy wrote:
> Seeing this the first thing that came to mind is the environment - have
> you checked to there are no 802.11B clients/AP's nearby?  Even a good
> WiFi setup can be brought to its knees by this.

Yeah, it had a whole 3 clear channels to itself. Honestly the Wireless 
on these TP Link units has always been passable. Never great.

I must say this WRT1900 goes like a stung cat. I never knew wireless 
could be so fast. All the new client devices have MIMO, and the TPLink 
didn't do that. Between MIMO, beam forming and just a much newer 
wireless implementation the thing goes like a rocket.

Out of the box with OpenWRT I was seeing iperf runs of 90Mb/s without 
tweaking. I didn't bother to tweak.

The iperf results outside the network were interesting though.

So I have a VPS in Sydney and a server in London.

London->Sydney - 25Mb/s
London->Applecross - 1Mb/s
Sydney->Applecross - 8Mb/s

This morning about 9am Sydney->Applecross was about 18Mb/s. And the 
speedtest TPG use to somewhere in the Vodafone network was 22MB/s.

Can't tell me that's not congestion on TPGs network.

On the old Amnet ADSL I used to see London->Applecross ~ 16Mb/s 
routinely at all times of the day.

So the problem is/was not anything to do with the local network.

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