[plug] Website and AV Hack Day, Sunday 20170806-1200

Nick Bannon nick at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jul 17 20:58:57 AWST 2017

Hello all! PLUG website and AV hacking session, help wanted.

TITLE:	PLUG.org.au website and Audio/Video recording and streaming hacking
DATE:	Sunday 2017-08-06
TIME:   12pm, stay as you please
        Have lunch beforehand, or bring it with you
        We'll set a final finish time before we break for dinner
VENUE:  Rivervale, 6103, call for the address
HOST:   Nick Bannon
CONTACT: Phone: 0419 957 011
COST:   Gratis! PLUG Committee has allocated a budget to go towards
        food/drinks for the afternoon or dinner, come make use of it
AGENDA: plug.org.au website, AV setup
  Bring your laptops and perhaps a Raspberry Pi with an expendable (or
  already-backed-up) MicroSD card; or we should have everything here we
  need to make a go of it.

Between meetings there's a few PLUGgers lurking on
IRC: irc.uniirc.com/#plug (via https://www.uniirc.com/ )


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