[plug] putty dosnt wait for a proxy connection and fails

Bill Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Sun Jul 23 17:46:23 AWST 2017

Hi, hoping someone has an idea:

I use putty from a windows PC to my linux systems at home - all works fine.

I also have a chain of software to deal with firewalls - sslh and
stunnel on linux and putty/proxytunnel on the windows client end.
Again, this works fine using a local instance of proxytunnel and
localhost:[port] and connecting to [port] using putty.

My problem is if I use the (almost) identical command in the putty proxy
dialog it fails - seems to not wait for proxytunnel to finish its
connection process and errors off.  It used to work up until 12 months
ago and I have a new use case I want to use it on and cant get it going.
 I am currently using a public ssl proxy as a test case.

Has anyone come across this before?


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