[plug] Whirlpool down?

steve boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Fri Mar 10 09:54:39 AWST 2017

OK, I've fixed it, but no idea what caused the problem.

It appears to be something to do with Firefox cookies, as I was getting 
the same problem on both my Linux desktop and my Apple laptop. Different 
Firefox versions, and obviously different operating systems.

My initial guess was some sort of DNS problem with Westnet, so I tried 
pings and traceroute, which were OK. But still Firefox failed. Then I 
tried Konqueror - and it worked OK on the same machine where Firefox 

Finally I went into Firefox options and deleted all whirlpool cookies - 
and suddenly the whole whirlpool site works again!

Unfortunately I don't know which cookie it was, but I'm assuming it was 
one related to my account or logged-in status. At least the problem is 
fixed now.


On 10/03/17 09:07, Brad Campbell wrote:
> On 10/03/17 08:54, steve boak wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I've been unable to access https://whirlpool.net.au/ since last night,
>> both through Sky Muster satellite and Westnet ADSL, just getting a
>> "Terracotta Screen Of Death". Anyone else having trouble with Whirlpool?
>> Last check at 8:53am gave this:
>> This page (https://whirlpool.net.au/) is currently offline. However,
>> because the site uses Cloudflare's Always Online™ technology you can
>> continue to surf a snapshot of the site. We will keep checking in the
>> background and, as soon as the site comes back, you will automatically
>> be served the live version. Always Online™ is powered by Cloudflare
>> <https://www.cloudflare.com/5xx-error-landing?utm_source=ao_banner> |
>> Hide this Alert <javascript:void(null);>
> Nope, all good here. I also tried some profile stuff that can't be 
> cached and it was all good.
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