[plug] Gargoyle Router Management Utility

Ivan and Wendy Fetwadjieff fetwadjieff at amnet.net.au
Sat Mar 11 17:57:01 AWST 2017

Greetings Plugers

Does anyone on the plug mailing list have experience installing and
using this Gargoyle Router Management Utility

or any other Linux friendly router logging software to keep an eye on
the kids Internet usage and activities when they say they are doing
their homework. 

I would have to purchase a new Modem/router to use the above solution as
my current one isn't on their list (I have currently a “NETGEAR
DGND3700v2” which isn't Linux friendly)

PLE Computers have one on the list for $149.


Any ideas or suggestions or cheaper solutions welcome.

Cheers Ivan

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