[plug] March 2017 events reminder, was Re: Tuesday event

Nick Bannon nick at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Mar 13 20:30:01 AWST 2017

On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 02:23:30PM +0800, Benjamin wrote:
> Hi there,
> Isn't there meant to be an event on this Tuesday? It's not in Meetup.
> ~ Benjamin

Whoops - you should have been a meetup.com organiser by now! Fixed.

Unfortunately, the planned seminar/talk had to be postponed. We won't
waste the timeslot, though, come along for a workshop if you're free.
Usual time, usual place.

You can find our master Google calendar here (subscribe!):

You'll find the following two events, plus our monthly online committee
meeting (members welcome!). We try to create a meetup.com event too;
and occasionally elsewhere (e.g. Facebook); however we could use a hand
to keep them all scripted and in sync.


TITLE:	PLUG Workshop, March
DATE:	Second Tuesday of the month, 20170314
TIME:	1830--2030
VENUE:	Spacecubed, 45 St Georges Terrace, PERTH  WA  6000
COST:	Gratis! Come visit; if you're a regular, join PLUG!
CONTACT: Doors close at 1800, feel free to come along early, call the
  phone number on the St George's Tce glass doors to gain access after lockout
AGENDA:	Workshop/bazaar: Bring your machine: laptop, desktop,
  embedded... Troubleshoot, get your updates on fibre internet, or help
  fix PLUG!
URL:	https://www.meetup.com/Perth-Linux-Users-Group-PLUG/events/238380883/

Later in the month:

TITLE:	PLUG in the Pub, March
DATE:	Fourth Monday of the month, 20170327
TIME:	After work, or 1800--2100
VENUE:	The Moon & Sixpence, 300 Murray Street, PERTH  WA  6000
  Head to the back of the pub ("The Stables")
COST:	Gratis! Come visit; if you're a regular, join PLUG!
AGENDA:	Come socialize, eat, drink, chat & hack. We are very easy going and
  casual. If you don't drink alcohol, we would still love to have you there.
URL:	https://www.meetup.com/Perth-Linux-Users-Group-PLUG/events/238381251/

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