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Travis Innes travis at eaglemouse.com
Tue Sep 19 11:51:08 AWST 2017


I'm a scout leader and I need some help with an upcoming event, JOTA/JOTI
(Jamboree Over The Air/Jamboree Over The Internet) .  It is the biggest
connection of scouts from across the world each year.  Using radios and the
internet scouts are able to talk to others around the world and find out
more about scouting in other countries.

I need help with the Internet side of the equation.  I'm looking for
someone to setup what I think would be a simple server.  The problem we
have every year is a lack of computers for the scouts to use.  Last year we
had some scouts bring their own laptops, however thanks to windows and
programs updating we chewed through 7GB of data.  The year before we used
just under 1GB.

We use a prepaid telstra mobile broadband connection for our access.  What
I'd like to do is have that connected to a server that the laptops connect
to.  So the scouts aren't directly connecting to the mobile broadband.
Then I'd want to be able to set a white list of IP's or sites that the
connected computers can connect to.  This would prevent programs from being
able to update, as they wouldn't be able to connect to their home base.

Given we are a scout group I don't want to spend a lot of money on
hardware.  If there is anyone who is in a position to help me out with what
I need in the way of hardware and can volunteer some time to get this
working it would be greatly appreciated!

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