[plug] Thanks Spacecubed.com

Paul Del p at delfante.it
Fri Apr 6 10:06:56 AWST 2018

Hey PLUG members,

We would like to thank one of our official sponsors Spacedcubed.com to be
able to let us run out meeting's in the city. There is some links and more
information below

Thanking you Paul
PLUG - Secretary

“If you’re looking to grow your networks, access mentors or come along to
more events, then consider a Spacecubed Community Membership. Benefits also
include one day a month of co-working, access to mentors, access to our
online platform, member discounts (such as with Stripe) and opportunities
to co work nationally and internationally. Community Memberships are
$35/month or a discounted $300 annually. Read more here
 and find the full list of benefits here
If you have any questions, please contact Johnny.”

Furthermore, for your convenience, we’ve provided a slide
how you can become part of a thriving community.
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