[plug] Launch of new PLUG Website + Regular Admin Hack Days

Benjamin zorlin at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 17:23:15 AWST 2018

Hi there,

After lots of work by various PLUGgers, the new Jekyll version of the
https://www.plug.org.au/ website has gone live today.

If you would like to submit improvements, you can check out the Git
repository at https://github.com/plugorgau/plugorgau.github.io and if you
have GitHub access you can test changes on http://plugorgau.github.io in
near-real time.

(If you would like GitHub access, email admin at plug.org.au)

Additionally, we will be holding regular PLUG Admin Hack Days once a week.
They will be announced on Meetup each week, normally on Thursdays. The
first one will be on ANZAC Day, Wednesday 2018-04-25 just after lunch (from
12pm to 6pm).

All are welcome to join in, we will be working on migrating services from
our old server and testing and improving both our automation and on our
"onboarding" process.

~ Benjamin
PLUG President, 2018
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