[plug] Recommendations for Markdown App

Dean Bergin dean.bergin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 15:27:44 AWST 2018

Hello PLUG,

I know certain members use and advocate markdown, but since I am someone
who is new to it (where has this been all my life!?!?!), I am searching for
recommendations for an application.

Some Requirements:

   - Multi-platform
   - Free/Enterprise friendly licence
   - Ability to operate like a word processor using style commands/keyboard
   shortcuts (switch to plain-text optional)
   - Export to HTML/PDF
   - GitHub integration (optional)

I'm currently using the Notepad++ Markdown++ plugin, but I'm finding it
hard to focus on writing content when I'm constantly arguing with

Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards,

*Dean Bergin*.
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