[plug] Any one using Mint

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 14:20:05 AWST 2018

On 12/03/18 14:01, Walter wrote:
> Hi All
> I wonder if some kind person would sit down with me and show me how to
> setup Mint cinamin 18.3
> on two computers.
> One is an Acer Aspire the othe in a HP

Hi Walter,

It doesn't help for me to say that it's much, much easier in recent
times than it was 15 years ago, say, because I imagine your greatest
need is for the comfort of someone on hand to give you the confidence to
give it a go. I would offer, but I don't imagine you're anywhere near
Pinjarra? I could offer telephone support to talk you through it, but my
voip is down and mobiles are expensive (generally, depends on your
plan). Have you googled for beginner's guides to have on hand before you

Gavin Chester
Pinjarra, Western Australia
email: gavin.chester at gmail.com

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